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Antifouling paint

Anti-fouling paint – a category of commercially available underwater hull paints is a specialized category of coatings applied as the outer (outboard) layer to the . If your boat stays in the water at least part of the year, good antifouling paint is critical for keeping it performing its best . Now, some countries including Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands are considering banning all use of copper in antifouling paints.

Our antifouling coatings carefully release biocides to keep your vessels’ hull fouling free from months to months, reducing fuel consumption by up to. Protective coating of anti fouling paints reduces frictional resistance of hull. The new antifouling paints are better and not harmful as tributyl tin or . A market leading antifouling range from international.

The most comprehensive range of antifouling paint available to suit every budget season requirement. The choice and use of antifouling paints is one of the most complicated questions a boater will need to answer. At Interlux we help boat owners answer that . Superior boat bottom paint marine antifouling, ablative protective coatings, repair and refinish products for powerboat, sailboats yachts.