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Beat the microbead

Plastic microbeads in personal care products are so small that wastewater plants can’t filter them, and the beads end up in the ocean. BufretLignendeOversett denne sidenBeat the Microbead App. More and more cosmetics contain microbeads, tiny plastic beads.

These microplastics are a hazard to our . Which products contain microplastic ingredients and which not? In the below overview you can choose the country to find out if products . We have been running the ‘Beat the Microbead’ campaign since 2012. The objective of the campaign is to prevent plastic microbeads in personal care products . These microplastics are a hazard to our environment. It can be hard to determine if a product . Without knowing it, most of us contribute daily to the Plastic Soup by scrubbing our body,.

Many personal care products contain plastic microbeads that harm marine life. The Plastic Soup Foundation launched the Beat the Microbead campaign in the summer of 20in partnership with the North Sea Foundation. NO PLASTIC WASTE IN OUR WATER The Plastic Soup Foundation is the community supporting Captain.

We are pleased to join forced with the Beat the Microbead campaign to ensure people are not using products with microbeads in them.

Posts about beat the microbead written by Malin and Marte. New countries are continuously adde so chances are that your country is included or will be included soon. Beat the Micro Bead is now a truly worldwide . The campaign to beat the microbead gained a milestone victory in January this year, when US President . Mange produkter inneholder mikroplast som er skadelig for miljøet. After Pam learned that tiny plastic microbeads are commonly used in face scrubs and are harmful to fish, she researched the entire staff’s face scrubs to ensure . Plastic free products will be included in the new Zero category of the Beat the Microbead website and app.

The brands that do not use microplastics can carry the . Microbeads are fancy looking, tiny pieces of plastic present in our toothpaste, body wash, exfoliators, and scrubs. Do you already avoid disposable plastic bags? Then for the Better Bag Challenge and World Oceans Day, . Explore Beat the Microbead’s photos on Flickr!