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Design stockholm

Scandinavian design by Design House Stockholm. Our collection contains work by more than independent designers within furniture, lighting, kitchenware, . Turn on Location History to track places you visit.

Slå på nett- og appaktivitet for å følge med på steder du besøker. The Stockholm Design Group – a Scandinavian-based footwear label – believes that they can jointly create a truly unique collection through the fusion of their . BufretLignendeOversett denne sidenThank you for this years Design Week! Now we are looking forward to next year – see you 5-feb 2018.

Check out the highlights from Stockholm Design Week . Innovativ, moderne og stilren skandinavisk design. Design House Stockholm ble grunnlagt i 1992. Skandinavia har lansert sine produkter på . Stockholm Design Lab transforms brands and businesses with simple, remarkable ideas.

A hint of Scandinavian design blended with 5years of tradition . Venue Retail Group owns and operates a network of 1stores (Accent, Morris, Rizzo) in the Nordic countries specialising in accessories and shoes. Beyond being beautifully crafted and attractive, design in Stockholm tends to be practical. Each design piece serves as a building block that can be mixed and .

As a self-proclaimed “Publishing House for Scandinavian Design”, Design House Stockholm facilitates innovative Scandinavian design from renowned and .